Scuba Ranger Program Details

What is Scuba Rangers?

Scuba diving is a totally awesome sport. Scuba is not just for adults! There’s Scuba Rangers, a way cool scuba club for kids ages 7 to 12. With Scuba Rangers, you can scuba dive in a pool with real diving equipment, play games underwater, and experience all of the areas of scuba diving. Ranger experiences include night diving, reef fish ID, navigation and many others! If you’re looking for a new activity that’s way cooler, check out the Scuba Rangers!

What’s cool about Scuba Rangers?

  • You’re child will be a part of a special, elite group – scuba divers!
  • They will accomplish things that will amaze you.
  • Scuba Rangers develop good sense around the water, and increase awareness of water safety.

The training and experience will build confidence, self-esteem and pride. Unlike many other sports, scuba diving can be enjoyed for a lifetime.