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Interested in becoming a Scuba Diver?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1. Self Study

Once you’ve signed up and purchased your student kit, you will need to login via the link on our website. Upon signing in, you will be given access to the Open Water Diver online course work. Prior to coming to class, you will be required to complete the online course.

2. Classroom/Pool Training

Our classes and pool sessions are held at Midwest Aquatics nearly every weekend all year long. They meet on a Saturday and Sunday. (Yep, just one weekend. See the details on the right sidebar.)

After completing the academic review in the classroom, you will walk down the hall to our heated (a Caribbean 86 degrees), indoor pool where you will learn the important skills for the underwater world of scuba diving!


3. Open Water Certification

This is where you get in the water and go diving! You will complete 4 open water dives over a two-day period. During these dives you will be asked to complete the skills you learned in the pool.

Open water certification dives are completed at Table Rock Lake May – October. You may also complete your certification on one of the many exotic dive destinations we offer year-round or anywhere in the world by referral (and we’ll even book the trip for you!)


Do I need to be a great swimmer?

For recreational SCUBA diving, it’s more important that you’re in average physical condition and comfortable in the water than to have marathon swimming skills; however, basic water abilities are necessary.

Why choose Midwest Aquatics?

Midwest Aquatics has been in business for over 30 years. Our dedicated instructors have combined experience of over 90 years. We work very hard to stay current with the latest training methods through continuing education courses, seminars and trade shows that are available to dive professionals.

Midwest Aquatics also offers dive training for physically handicapped individuals.

Midwest Aquatics has the deepest dive training pool in the Midwest at 13 feet 6 inches!

What are the age restrictions?

  • You must be at least 10 years old to get certified as a Junior Open Water diver.
  • There is no maximum age limit. But you must be in average physical health.
  • If you are at least 7 years old, please ask about our Scuba Rangers Program!

Class Schedule:

Class Weekend Format Schedule:

Saturday 9 am – 4 pm
Sunday 9 am – 4 pm

Private Schedules Available upon request

You create the schedule!

How much does it cost?

Student packages start at $789

Included in the package:

  • Tuition for Class/Pool
  • Training Material
  • Personal fit equipment (mask, fins, snorkel, boots)

Additional Costs:

  • Open Water Certification Fee $155
  • Dive Trips to Table Rock Lake to complete your Open Water Course start at: $309
  • Rentals: Scuba system weekend rate starting at $115
  • Memories you’ll collect once you’ve become a Certified Open Water Diver: PRICELESS!!!